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SpotMix concrete mixing truck

Spotmix (UK) was set up by Jerry Deir and his wife Susan and began trading at the start of March 2005. The company specialises in the precise delivery of pre mixed concrete in any quantity. Traditionally Premix concrete deliveries were usually only available in minimum quantities of 6 metres or so. This is great for major construction projects, but unviable for the needs of smaller construction projects.

This is where Spotmix (UK) come in. They use a specialised vehicle consisting of a number of containers on a truck base; the containers include a water reservoir a hopper contains mixed ballast (14mm to dust) and a silo for bulk cement. The mixer is capable of mixing from as little as a wheel barrow or less to a full mix . A conveyor system takes the right quantities of ingredients from the various containers, and delivers them to a small mixer unit at the rear of the truck. The whole system allows the delivery of small quantities of ready mix concrete to be delivered to the site where it is needed.

The mixer can be adjusted easily to produce various strength concrete i.e. (C30, C35, & C40) to meet the requirements of the customer.

Various mixes can be achieved on site to suit the required application, for instance, dry mix, semi dry mix, and wet mix as water is added to suit the application.

The on board computer measures the quantities very accurately, and the customer only pay for what they use.

SpotMix self mix concrete truck north wales coast

A manned wheel-barrowing service ensures that the concrete is tipped exactly where it is needed, rather than on the roadside hundreds of feet away. This is a wonderful service for small builders and home DIY enthusiasts.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with your requirements.

Spotmix has entered into a long term agreement with a local aggregate producer and the material used meets the appropriate British and European Union Standard (aggregates for concrete :BS EN 12620: 2002; composition, specification and conformity criteria for common cements :BS EN 197 - 1:200)